Tuesday, April 18, 2017

iOS App - My Book Store

I developed an iOS app.
My Book Store

My 5 year old daughter was building a cash register with a building block and playing pretend to be a cacher.
My worst mistake was the comment - "OK, I'll make your register with iPad!".

Midnight coding.
Next morning, my kids try the app and feedback to me.
And then, my wife draws U/I parts.
Midnight coding again...
Endless loop...

Agile development like a sweatshop.

The following technics are implemented in the app.
I would like to introduce about these, if I feel inclined...
  • Camera preview in a non-full-screen view.
  • Barcode reader using MetaDataObject
  • Voice synthesizer using AVSpeechSynthesizer
  • Retrieve book information from Amazon Product Advertising API
  • Realm DB
  • iPad/iPhone universal responsive design on a single story board
  • A single view with multi container view for iPad. Multi view with transition for iPhone.
  • Rotated cells on collection view
  • Google AdMob

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